Monday, May 7, 2012

Knitting Blessing Service

 After 5 months of knitting....this is my basket of 25 scarves.

 Off to the U.C.C church where we knit for the Blessing Service.
Our local group is just one of many from across the country of "Women Who Knit For Peace."

 This poster shows some of the children around the world with their scarves and dolls . Also a photo of the Girl Scout Troop here that helped sew  and stuff the dolls.

 This is just part of the church filled with our knitted items.

 Shirley and I with the dolls...65 of them.

 You have to love this little guy !

 Rev.  Thomas introduces us and tells a little about our group and project.

 Here we have the actual Blessing service.

A lovely day.....

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